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Setole naturali

Natural bristles


Cosmetic hair

Crine Cavallo

Horse hair

Setole sintetiche

Synthetic bristles

Global Bristles Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

As a manufacturer and exporter, Chongqing Global Bristles Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in processing and supplying all kinds of  bristles and nylon filaments. We located in A zone, Qiaohe Industrial Park, Qijiang Dist, Chongqing, China. Equipped with facilities of top class, we have about 150 employees at present, dealing with the study and manufacture of natural bristles´╝îmixed bristles, cut bristles and nylon filament. Our products are supplied to the brush factory to make industrial brush, hair brush, paint brush, tooth brush and cosmetic brush etc. We supply synthetic filaments and Chungking®, Hankow and Tsingtao bristles of all qualities, tops and colors: natural black boiled(double, triple)bristles, natural white boiled(double, triple)bristles, natural brown boiled(double, triple)bristles, bleached white bristles, bleached black bristles, dyed bristle, mixed bristles, cut bristles(cut for special demand) etc. We have registered our own trade mark "Chungking" in  2015.

It has always been committed to the development of bristles business. Ever since its establishment, it has constantly made great efforts to strengthen the combination of traditional craftmanship and modern technology, in order to provide more products and better services to our clients