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Setole naturali

Natural bristles


Cosmetic hair

Crine Cavallo

Horse hair

Film PVC

PCV Film

Setole sintetiche

Synthetic bristles

PVC shrink film

PVC shrink film for paintbrush and other products

We have different type of PVC shrink film and one of these has been studied to use in the paintbrush production.

We have:

type TRA for flat brushes

type TRB for round brushes,

Two different type with different % of shrink from vertical and horizontal side of film, the best solution when you have to make packaging for flat brushes.

The vertical shrink is less than horizontal, the bristles on tips will be not pressed.

Sizes availabel are 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 mm till also 1 meter!

Thinckness can be from 15microns up, normally on paintbrush packaging is used 22micron

shrink PVC film