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di M. Stucchi


Interbrossa materie prime per pennelli e spazzole

Interbrossa Interbrush Freiburg

after 45 years the trade show dedicated to the industry will no longer be held in Freiburg. ABMA and FEIBP, announce a new international brush and brush industry trade show The American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) and the European Federation of Brushes (FEIBP) are working together to create a joint association-owned and -coordinated trade show for the international brush and brush community. Key industry leaders agree that an international trade show is vital to the integrity and growth of the industry and benefits the entire community of these two sectors.

The World Brush Expo will be done in Italy in Bologna May 22-24, 2024-a trade show for the industry, by the industry. Planning is currently underway and destinations in Italy are being considered.
Further details, including dates and location of the expo, are being finalized and will be announced as they become available. Visit for updates.